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Interviews with Influencers

Welcome to The Truth Trade®: a series of interviews with some of the world's leading practitioners from the modern influence industry.

With so much speculation about fake news and the dark arts of strategic communication,
this initiative sets out to understand the realities and effects of contemporary influence.


In equal parts an exposé, an historical document and an educational resource
– this online repository aims to document an industry in transition. 

Who are the people that set today's global agenda? What do they actually do? Should the
public be concerned? And what does the future hold for the global influence industry?

The interviews

We have had the pleasure to talk with leaders in their field to get their perspectives on how strategic communication and influence industries can create behaviour change. Check back regularly for new additions.

Lord Tim Bell

1. Lord Tim Bell.

Former CEO, Bell Pottinger.

Alexander Nekrassov

2. Alexander Nekrassov.

Former Kremlin Advisor.

Nigel Oakes

3. Nigel Oakes.

Former CEO, SCL Group (Cambridge Analytica).

The Rt Hon Liam Fox MP

4. The Rt Hon Liam Fox MP.

Former Secretary of State for International Trade. 

Rory Sutherland

5. Rory Sutherland.

Vice Chairman, Ogilvy UK. 

Eleanor Mills

6. Eleanor Mills.

Editor, The Sunday Times Magazine.

Julia Latynina

7. Yulia Latynina.

7. Yulia Latynina.

Journalist, Novaya Gazeta.

William Skeaping

8. William Skeaping.

Activist, Extinction Rebellion.


11. Coming soon.


Lucy Goff

9. Lucy Goff.

Co-founder, LYMA.

General Sir Nick Carter

10. General Sir Nick Carter.

Chief of the Defence Staff.

11. James Delingpole.

Journalist, Breitbart / The Spectator.


12. Coming soon.

Coming soon. 

The interviewer

Sven V2.png

Sven Hughes is the CEO of Enigma Strategic Communications Ltd.
He is committed to a more transparent and accountable international influence industry.